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MedCare, a Healthcare Appointment Booking App provides convenient access to medical services. Users can book audio or video consultations with doctors, connect with caretakers, access pharmacy services, and utilize laboratory facilities. The app offers features like chat communication, call history, and secure payment processing. MedCare ensures user privacy and data security while delivering a user-friendly experience.

As a development team, we implemented essential features into MedCare. These include an efficient appointment booking system, audio and video call capabilities, a pharmacy section for easy medication ordering, and integrated laboratory services. The app also prioritizes user communication and convenience with its chat feature and call history functionality. MedCare adheres to strict privacy and security standards, ensuring the confidentiality of user data and providing secure payment processing.

Customer Panel


Authentication System

Signup or Login to the app via Firebase phone/email authentication to start exploring

Appointment Booking

Easily schedule appointments with doctors and healthcare professionals

Audio and Video Consultations

Connect with healthcare providers through audio or video calls for remote consultations

Caretaker Connections

Find and connect with caretakers to provide additional support and assistance

Pharmacy Services

Access an extensive range of medications and order them conveniently through the app

Laboratory Facilities

Schedule diagnostic tests and receive accurate results through laboratories

Chat Communication

Communicate directly with doctors and healthcare professionals through the in-app chat feature

Call History

Access a record of past consultations and review medical information for reference to facilitate yourself

Doctor, Caretaker, Laboratory, Pharmacy Panel


Appointment Management

Efficiently manage and organize patient appointments

Patient Profile Access

Access comprehensive patient profiles for personalized care

Prescription Management

Easily generate and manage electronic prescriptions for patients

Appointment Reminders

Send automated reminders to patients for upcoming appointments.

Audio and Video Consultations

Connect with patients through audio or video calls for remote consultations

Chat With Patients

Communicate directly with patients and provide consultation

Profile Customization

Edit profile to provide patients about the info like speciality, experience, etc

Geolocation Integration

Get the location of patient to provide in-house treatment

What Problem it Solve?

Personalized Healthcare Solutions

Receive personalized medical recommendations and treatment options based on your unique health history and preferences

Medication Reminders

Never miss a dose with medication reminders and alerts, ensuring adherence to your prescribed treatment plan

Real-Time Health Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates on your medical journey, from appointment confirmations to test results and treatment progress

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