Which language is best for app development?

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Are you an app developer and wanted to know which language and framework is best? Developers make user friendly applications that has to be used on tablets, mobile phones, and few other devices. Furthermore, app development includes development of web or desktop based app version.

Types of Mobile Apps:

Native Apps:

The apps that made for a specific OS. That’s the reason apps are called as Native apps because these apps programmed in a native language for particular OS. While, for android programming language is JAVA, and for iOS programming language is Swift or Objective-C language.       

Web Apps:

The type of application that you don’t require to install or download. But can easily access through a web browser. For instance, web browsers involve Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. The web applications provide user friendly feature from accessing bank accounts to YouTube video like Chrome on android and Safari on iPhone.

Hybrid Apps:

Specifically, web apps that put in a shell of native app. Like, if you install the application from app store and play store, that shell automatically connect to the functionalities to directly access data from browser that integrated in app.

Best Programming Languages:


An open source and client optimized coding language to specifically focus on UI, manufacturing, and speed. It provides functionality for asynchronous coding and works on Flutter to develop a cross platform. Dart is a Native mobile app development instead of client side and server side process. Google introduced Dart for accelerating app development to perform on all platforms.


  • Helps to change iteratively
  • Hot reload makes result shown in one go
  • Enable dynamic and static typing
  • Library helps for core programming projects
  • Both ahead of time (AOT) and just in time (JOT) compilers


  • Increase app development for other platforms also
  • Improves the productivity and quality of development
  • Different platforms for both web and native app development
  • Learning easy and contains syntax of C


An object oriented backend language that used for development of servers, standard libraries, system utilities, and web apps. Now, Ruby become a high level multiple paradigm, explicate coding language, and also general purpose. It directly compile the instructions instead of program in machine language. Bloomberg, Twitter, Shopify, and Airbnb developed by Ruby.


  • Both duck and dynamic typing
  • Flexible and dense syntax
  • Provide elaborated library of built-in modules and functions
  • Implement operator overloading and exception handling


Provide dynamic typing to set the changes but no affect occurs on general result

Duck typing involves for operations instead of class objects

Maintain, soft performance, perfect code quality, easily collect garbage, easy in learning, and concise


Swift is like a game changer in mobile app development. The open source programming language to design and working with iOS, OS X, and tv OS sources. Lyft, Hipmunk, and LinkedIn developed by Swift.       


  • Involves Xcode (free standing IDE structure)
  • Safe and find smallest errors during running
  • Incudes native error functionality
  • Built in memory management techniques i.e; ARC (automatic reference couting)


  • Executable on Cocoa Touch Platforms
  • Ignore bugs of Objective-C, less requirements, and needs small maintenance
  • Scaling up projects easy
  • Powerful and easy language
  • Syntax is yet expressive but easy, with quality of code interactive and fun


Python is used widely for multiple purposes like Machine Learning, media tools, mobile and web apps, network server and many more. It involves elaborated library, control, and robust integration. Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram developed by Python.

Python uses different frameworks for mobile app development. Some of these are as follows:

  • Kivy
  • Provide input functionality to mouse, TUIO, OS particular events
  • Involves graphic library use only for OpenGL ES2 and has base on Vertex Buffer Object
  • Beeware
  • Single codebase and form multiple apps
  • Provide native look to application and consistency and make user friendly
  • Django
  • Increase security
  • Fast development and consume less time


  • Assure fast app development
  • Connects existing Scripts
  • Use to create GUI’s with help of libraries


  • Amazing readability, rapid deploy, fast, easy to learn and use
  • High level language used for computing numeric and scientific data, analyzing, and used for software manufacturing also
  • Build scalable applications and GUI apps


Willian Ting’s quote about JavaScript that “it remains relevant as long as People uses Internet”. It is good for cross platform app development. JS helps to develop NFT mining website.

JS frameworks occurs when a point occurs to form and develop efficient applications like Android OS apps. These frameworks involve JS code libraries that help web developers to use the pre-written program in the development of software, app, or web. JS frameworks have compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. These frameworks involve:

  • SenchaExtJS (Sencha Touch)
  • Helps to maintain data and presentation on devices like mobile phone, tablets, etc. compiled on multiple OS.
  • Code has compatibility and adaptable factor and flexible touch function.
  • More than 50 built in features like UI widgets i.e; carousels, toolbar, menu bar etc.
  • Powerful data package that takes data from backend and then work on it.
  • React Native
  • Open source coding platform
  • Facebook helps in stabling React Native. React becomes the most sustainable selection due to Facebook.
  • Development process speeds up
  • Cost effective and code reusability increases
  • Hot reload occurs live
  • Great performance mostly for mobile applications
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Provide Navbars option to move top and bottom to reach side menu bars and the menu items
  • Modals and overlays create a pop-up container / window on screen.
  • Contain Toggle switch elements for UI-switch element.
  • Tabs are used like browser can open one tab at one time
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Simple and easily use
  • Provide user friendly inputs
  • Easily accessible because it comes up with Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
  • Show amazing response for different screen size


  • Very light, independent platform and prototype based programming language
  • Both OOP and dynamic typing
  • Provide validation for client side and user side calculations and input respectively.
  • Built in time and date functionalities


  • Flexible and versatile language that used by Node.js in multiple ways
  • Fast for client side browse and don’t required to compile again and again
  • Easy to control
  • No pre-defined standard and many rooms for variation


In this article, we talked about which language is best for app development? In my opinion, the best and popular language for app development is Dart (flutter framework) nowadays. People can easily code this language because of the built-in libraries and the suggestions you get during coding. It gives a streamlined way to our projects. Google has introduced in simple way to use for cross platforms. So, programming an app for cross platforms dart is amazing.

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